Saturday, November 26, 2011

Halloween 2011

For Halloween we decorated sugar cookies with friends,

picked out pumpkins,

carved pumpkins,

(attempted to carve a pumpkin),

and colored the pumpkin instead.

The finished product!

We went to Spooky Sloan again this year and had a lot of fun!

Cinderella and Bedtime Bear visited us this year. Cinderella didn't want to wear her gloves and crown though...

Kayla went trick-or-treating around the apartment complex and met up with some of her friends.

Kayla got quite a haul! (Although most of it is gone already thanks to help from Daddy!)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

One Month Young

Logan recently achieved the one-month status. He is growing, eating, pooping, and sleeping well. Here are his stats:

Weight: 10lbs. 6oz. (58%ile)
Length: 21 5/8 in. (45%ile)
Head Circumference: 39.3 cm. (69%ile)

He consistently sleeps for a 6-hour stretch at night, which has been a HUGE blessing. It is amazing how much difference getting good sleep can make for me.

Kayla loves her little brother. She holds his hand or foot and tries to give him his binkie when he is crying. When we first brought him home from the hospital and he started crying, Kayla ran to get him a blanky and binkie because she knows that those things help her when she is crying (although they didn't really work for Logan). She is very sweet with him. We do, however, need to get some bumper-pads for the crib since she likes to poke things through the bars. His eyes have only been poked at once or twice. Mostly she leaves him alone, but there was one time that Kayla "helped" by bringing him to me when he was fussing and I was on the phone. I heard her say, "Here Mom!" and I turned around to see her holding Logan. Such a helper!

A note about labor: going natural hurts. A lot. The contractions were getting progressively more painful while we were at home. We had to stop walking from the car to the labor unit at the hospital four or five times because I couldn't move during the contractions. The nurses started asking me questions and I couldn't answer them. Luckily Braden was very calm and was able to help me with different ideas for breathing. He answered all the questions the nurses asked and helped get us checked in. After my water broke it was a whole new level of pain during contractions. We had a very good nurse who reminded me that "the bed rails aren't going anywhere", so I just held on for dear life to those. Would I deliver sans-epidural again? Yes. The recovery is much faster. I was able to be much more alert after he was born and feel like I could enjoy the whole after-delivery experience more because of it. Is going natural for everyone? No. You never know how a labor is going to go. But now I know that since I did it once, I'll probably be able to do it again. For me, the idea of the big needle going into my back scares me much more than natural childbirth. I loved not having an IV. I hate those.