Monday, January 10, 2011

Worth 2 in the Bush

For the finale to our awesome ThanksgivingChristmasNewYear’s celebration, we headed up to Tahoe with Tiffany’s parents to have some fun in the snow. We broke out the snowshoes and headed to a viewpoint not far from the cabin.  As we trekked through the snow we met a local gentleman that informed us we were on “Chickadee Ridge”, and that the chickadees would eat from your outstretched hand.  I tried it and sure enough, one of the little birds flew down from the trees and alighted on my hand – disgusted I’m sure because I didn’t have anything in my hand to offer.  Luckily our local friend had brought some seed with him and shared with us, and so I was able to redeem myself.  As per usual, Kayla fell asleep in the backpack, which is just as well I’m sure because while we planned on going out for only an hour or so, we had such a good time we stayed out for close to 3!

The next day we hit the sledding hill – Kayla is yet to be enamored with sledding.  I don’t think she likes the cold snow that kicking up in her face.  Tiffany, however, is completely in love with sledding (as evidenced by the picture below), so I’m sure its just a matter of time until Kayla-bear comes around.

Now the vacation has come to a close and we’re back to reality (sort-of).  I’ll be flying around the country touring manufacturing facilities for the next two weeks, and Tiff and Kayla get to hang out in California until it we move to Seattle at the end of January.

So consider this your warning 2011: You’re about to be seized!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Admittedly, our blog has taken a back seat to the holiday season.  But now, with the "Big Three" holidays behind us, we can once again rededicate ourselves to the things that are most important, like the blog.  Tiff thinks it will be a good idea to make a bunch of posts and then post-date them to the time they happened, so keep a weather eye.  Until then I figured our loyal readership would want something other to look at than Kayla's Halloween costume.

Over the past few months, Kayla's been learning to practice the piano, Tiffany made some fancy cupcakes, Kayla fell in love with her bows all over again, I finished up my second semester at MIT (only 2 more and an internship to go!), we had a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus and we've spent some much needed time with family.  Now, we're starting to get ready to start my internship - for those of you who didn't know we'll be heading to Seattle from February to August as I will be doing an internship with Amazon - and have been loving playing in dirt from Boston to Utah to California.  The adventure continues!!!