Thursday, November 29, 2012


I am putting a family/temple slideshow together for our ward Christmas party and Kayla walks in as I'm getting pictures of the temples downloaded.
She points to the picture on the screen and asks, "what's that?"
I reply, "that's the Logan, Utah temple."
"Oh, where's the Kayla, Utah temple?"

Mom: "Kayla, I think you need to go potty before we leave for the store."
Kayla: "No thanks!"

During the Sacrament prayers at church Kayla whispers to me, "Mom, do you hear Jesus?"

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Real Pumpkin Patch

Not one of those commercial ones with the big slides or hay rides.  There were no mazes or kettle corn. Just pumpkins and other gourds.  It was great.  Not that I don't like all the rides and mazes, and I love kettle corn, but we wanted to get some pumpkins and had already done the commercial pumpkin patch thing this year.  So we tried out Christ Orchard.  It was great.  When we got there the girls working  there told us we could get a little wagon for the kids/pumpkins to ride in and the pumpkins in the field were 50 cents each.  Sweet!  We passed some turkeys and other farm animals on the way to a HUGE patch and had a great time picking out some perfect pumpkins.

Off to the patch!

Showing us the pumpkin she picked.
Kayla insisted on riding in the wagon even though there was clearly not enough room for all the pumpkins and two children.
After we got home there was a little time for decorating the pumpkins.  Sadly, the paint took too long to dry and Kayla never actually got to paint a face on the pumpkin she turned pink.  There were many tears over that...  Hopefully next year we can be more organized!  (We did this just a couple of days before Halloween.)