Sunday, June 28, 2009

One Month! Fireflies! Winnings! Oh my!

We have been parents for over a month! Can you believe it? Kayla hardly can, check out that furrowed brow! Changing dirty diapers has become old-hat, and on occasion (like last night) she sleeps completely through the night. We're lovin' it!

Also, the fireflies have come out here in the "Land of Lincoln". First we caught a bunch of them, then I taught them to march in single file, and finally we tried to take a picture with a slow shutter speed to capture the magic. As is evidenced by the bottom picture, the magic is hard to capture. I need to instill a little more discipline in my troops. We did get a few glimmers though, so I guess we get an "E" for effort.
And finally, we won!!!! Can you believe it, I participated in this contest and won! Coupons! Valued at over $10! Wish we could've gotten the salad dressing as well, but I can see how it's hard to fit that in a #10 envelope. Thanks Matt & Brittany!!


Chad and Carole said...

Hey, I love coupons. I'm jealous of your win. So, who do you think Kayla looks like? I think you appreciate sleep so much more when you're a parent!

Jenny said...

What a beautiful little girl!

Tiffany, I was going through boxes of old stuff today and I found a card and a picture of us together from Denise in our Grizzly Gear. My grandma said that they bulldozed Grandview after it closed down. Its sad to think that our first classrooms are gone already! I'll be in Utah this next week for a reunion and I want to somehow run into my old students! My little second graders are going to be fifth graders next year!

James said...

that is a cute picture of Kayla. I can't wait to see y'all next week!`

Matthew said...

Your welcome Braden. Don't go saving all in one place now. I'll be sure to include you in our next contest. Kayla is a little cutie. Good job with that.