Monday, April 12, 2010

The Supper Club Experience

Braden's work group from last year got together for a little reunion over dinner this weekend. We went to Gil's Supper Club in a tiny town in the middle of corn fields. We had never been to a Supper Club before so we were very excited (I was particularly excited because I had been hearing ads on the radio for this place and was thoroughly enticed!). Turns out, though, a Supper Club is just like any other small-town eateries. Nonetheless, it was fun to meet some of Braden's past co-workers and their SO's and try some new food. Gil's is known for their fried chicken and fried catfish. I was going to get the chicken, but I had never had catfish so I thought I'd be adventurous. It was pretty tasty! (A very mild fish. Even Braden thought it was pretty good, and he does NOT like fish.)
Considering how late it was and all the new, strange people looking at her, Kayla did very well. (Notice one of her bows is missing? She and I fight all the time over those!)
We had to get a picture in front of the Gil's sign! One more Mid-West experience to check off our list!


Sheila said...

Hi Braden and Tiffany! I just got on Beth's blog and noticed one of your comments to her, so i went to your blog to see some photos. Kayla has grown so much and it such a cutie pie. Way to go you two! You make such a cute family. Nice new wheels too!

bklain said...

Tiffany you look fantastic! I love the boots you are sporting in these last few posts. You are one hot Momma. So so sad to see Gus go, but happy that you have a more family oriented vehicle, and you can tote us around when we come to visit in Boston (fingers crossed). Love you!