Saturday, October 9, 2010


Knowing that things will soon be frozen and wet, we took full advantage of the changing of the seasons and went apple picking at the "Honey Pot Hill Orchard" just outside of Boston. Where they came up with the name I don't know - I saw no honey pots - but there were plenty of apples. Many varieties I'd never heard of - Cortland, Mutsu, Milton, Macoun - I didn't know what to do! I asked a worker what was different about Macouns, and I quote "Well, they're red, hard as a baseball, white in the center, sweet but a little tart, and they only come around once a year". I don't know about you, but I think he just described about every apple I've ever met. This whole "variety" thing must be either a clever marketing ploy or some kind of government cover-up, I'm not yet sure which. Anyway, we had a lot of fun, Kayla LOVED the apples, and Tiff loved climbing the ladder - I think her pics could be in Real Simple or something.
"How many apples do you want? I'll get them for you!"

Tell me this picture doesn't make you want to go apple-picking.

Notice how Kayla has an apple in every picture. We found that giving her an apple was best, otherwise she ended up trying to eat the old squishy ones on the ground - blechh!

Also, blog traffic jumped about 12000% on my last post, I guess people really love shoes!


Christy Gunnell said...

Tiff you look so skinny minnie! What a hot mama! Glad you guys are soakin in all that Boston has to offer :)

Jessica Madsen said...

Such a fun post. We just went apple picking today and I still need to blog our adventure. I was just thinking to copy and paste yours because it perfectly sums up the adventure:)! Except we didn`t get that guy`s awesome description of an apple. Wish i had known what to be looking for;)!! HAHA! And I agree with your friend Christy... Tiff looks like an apple picking babe!!!!!

Melanie said...

I haven't checked in on you guys in awhile. I'm so glad you discovered the adventure of over-priced apple picking. It's true, all those apples are named differently because they taste different. Some are good for baking, some aren't, etc. We bought one of each kind once just to see what we liked best. The winner was butter crisp. . . if I remember right. If you find one like that you have to eat it.
Tiff, love the short hair!

Cristy said...

Good Afternoon Playing in the Dirt,

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It's a great photo, and I'd love to reference it!

Best Regards,

Cristy Maldonado