Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spot the Difference!

10 points to the first person that can spot the 10 differences in these 2 photos:

The sun was shining yesterday, so we took advantage of the momentous occasion and headed to the sound, and checked out the Chittenden/Ballard Locks.  It's where the water from lake Washington meets the Puget Sound, with the locks at the point of juncture.  As well, they have a fish ladder where you can see migrating Salmon traveling upstream from the ocean to the fresh water of the lake to spawn.... unfortunately migration season is during the summer.  They have a glass wall set up, kind of like an aquarium, but we only saw one little fish that was having a hard time making any progress.

and so begins our "playing in the dirt" - or rather, mud - in Seattle!

On a side note, have any other bloggers out there ever checked your blog stats and noticed the random search keywords that bring people to your sight?  Some of my favorites here: "incredible edibley", "dirty little girl", "black swans zoo", "find kayla dirt", and "kayla - sweet little chocolate".  Google is incredible.

Oh, and before I forget, those boats at the top are in the locks.  The lake and the ocean are at very different levels, so the locks enable boats to pass through - just like the Panama Canal! We watched them stack the lock full of 6 boats or so, drop the water level, then open the gate and away they went.  This set of locks was built about a hundred years ago - a true Modern Marvel!  Oh and I have no idea if there are actually 10 differences between the two pictures.  So if you can find 10 differences, I just bumped the reward to 20 points, count 'em - 20!

Later we went and checked out the Fremont Troll under a bridge in Seattle (in the header and below)

For those of you that haven't seen/heard about this, it was pretty awesome. Not every day you get to see the troll under the bridge! They're usually so sneaky-hidey...

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Carrie Wood said...

I read your blog!! I love it. And, yes, I'll even add to that. We still miss you guys in Peoria!