Monday, June 6, 2011

Kayla's birthday weekend (cont.)

Here are a few more pictures from the weekend with my family. We loved being able to spend time playing at parks (when it wasn't raining), blowing bubbles, reading stories, and viewing some great Seattle attractions.

My dad took us to a German shop near Pike's Market and the nice German lady working asked us "Would the little girl like a wiener?" (spoken in a German accent of course.) Sure! Kayla loved eating that German hot dog! The weather was very nice when we went into Seattle on Saturday so we were able to enjoy great views from the Space Needle. We also walked around the grounds where there was a fair going on. It was huge and there were all sorts of interesting people there. We saw people dumpster-diving in the compost bins, and others asking people to sign petitions to legalize various drugs. Some people were dressed in Medieval attire, others wore top hats made of leather. We felt like we were back in Cambridge! I guess there are fun people-watching opportunities in most of big cities.

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DeCaires Family said...

You guys look like you are doing great and I can't believe your little miss is so big! It goes by so fast!