Thursday, May 16, 2013

End of the School Year

Kayla had her last day of preschool today.  She attended the First Federated Church's Bo Peep preschool and loved it.  Last week they went on a field trip to Linden Hill Farm where they got to see (and pet!) lots of different animals.  We registered her for the FFC's preschool for next year too.  Here are some pictures of the field trip and her last day today:

Waiting to get kicked in the face by the lamb.

Watching the horses.

Petting a chicken.

Petting a calf.

In the milking room.

The class with her teachers and the farmer's wife.

Looking very grown-up!

Logan was busy sweeping while I was trying to get some good shots of little Miss.

Finally decided to smile!

With her teachers, Ms. Wilson and Ms. Wolfe.


Carrie Wood said...

Your blog makes me miss you guys more! Logan has brown hair now! Wow! Hope the summer goes well. And hoping Kayla is feeling better

mike lee said...

You blogger give me many memories.