Saturday, October 6, 2012

He survived his first year!

On his original birthday.
Logan celebrated his first birthday on October 5th.  He keeps us very busy with all his walking, singing, teething (he already has 8 teeth and is getting all four 1st-year molars right now!), climbing, and general "getting into things"-ness.  Logan LOVES Kayla so much that when he wakes up before she does, he makes lots of noise until she wakes up in the morning so they can play together.  Sadly for him, he is stuck in his crib and she usually just leaves the room after he wakes her up.

Logan started his birthday with allergy-free pancakes and blueberries.  Most of the rest of his day was just his regular routine.  However, Braden took the day off work so he could spend the day with L-man and we could have a celebration together with some of our friends in the evening.  I made Logan a chocolate cake - allergy-free of course! - that wasn't a huge hit.  Luckily for everyone there I also made a turtle cheesecake, and we had ice cream.  Some of the party attendees included Braden's MIT classmates that came out to Peoria/CAT with us, the Williams family, and part of the Wood family.  Thanks to our friends for coming and celebrating our sweet little Logan with us!

LOVES his bottle!

His cake, new truck from Daddy and Mommy, and cheesecake.

Big sister helping blow out the candle.

"Hmmmm...what do I do with this thing?"
"I think I get it now..."

The look he gives as he is about to drop his food on the floor.  Naughty boy!

Thanks Mary for helping with clean-up!
Kayla got a present too! (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Wolf!)
Happy birthday buddy!  We love you!
And his one-year stats:
Height: 29.5 in.
Weight: 23 lbs. 3.5 oz.
Head circumference: 19 in. (which is the same as Kayla's, by the way)

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Chad and Carole said...

He has beautiful curls. Happy Birthday Logan! Can't wait to see him in person. I just know he's going to be so different.