Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

I'm married to a girl that loves holidays.  I mean loves them.  Even the ones that don't count as vacation, like St. Patrick's day.  As a result, I woke up groggy and being pinched because I hadn't had the foresight to put on any green underpants the night before.  But really, that's part of the fun.  This morning, we woke up to everything being green-washed, including breakfast.

While at first green pancakes might seem a bit sam-I-am-ish, they were quite delectable with maple syrup.  The green smoothie is a regular at our breakfast table, but this time it was extra-green for the festivities.    The kids too got in on the celebration of St. Patrick (what are we really celebrating with this one by the way?), Logan with an awesome bow tie and Kayla kicking and screaming in a green skirt because she wanted to wear something pink that her Grandma got her.  Her outfit satisfied both of those requirements, but she still wasn't convinced.  She eventually came around though, and narrowly avoided an entire day of being pinched by St. Patty's day revelers.


Happy almost-springtime everyone, and Happy Birthday Jen & Marcus!  Big hugs all around, and pray for sunshine!



Chad and Carole said...

Tiff, we need to live by each other. Chad barely missed being pinched but only because I was feeding the baby when he got out of bed. I love holidays. We had green oatmeal. Not as appetizing as pancakes, I must admit.

Pamila R. Balls said...

That is so adorable. Loved the last picture especially. Soo, soo, sooooo cute.

Jen said...

What do you mean Sst. Patty's day is not a "really" holiday!? It is the BEST holiday! I might be biased though.

Melanie said...

Braden, I'm proud of you for eating your green breakfast. Randy took one look at our green eggs and said, "I"m not eating that!" and he didn't. Every party has a pooper.
Luckily we party just fine without him. I'm glad Kayla managed to party in green too.