Monday, March 4, 2013

Shameless Post of Pics of the Grandkids

Rule #1. To keep the Grandparents happy, live nearby.
Rule #2. When you violate rule #1, post lots of pics.
Rule #3.  Remember rule #2 (we're working on it)
 Logan loves apples.  Really the Log-man loves food. Anything edible.
 He also loves seeing what type of container would be ideal for shipping a big sister to Indonesia.
 ...and playing with the phone (watch out - he looks so cute, but really he's just deleting apps and sending texts).
 Obligatory bath-time shot
 He's graduated to climbing all of the stairs in the house, not just the pansy carpeted ones.

 One of many fancy-shpancy Sunday hairdos.
 Obligatory bathtime shot #2.
 Right now the kids love each other, we'll need to blow this up and frame it as a reminder...

 More Loves!
 Kayla gets into mischief...
 ...while Logan cleans up the mess...
 ...and eats snow.
 Seat of your pants parenting tip:  When you're caught off guard by the snow and don't have a sled, the laundry basket will do in a pinch...

... though not that well.  It's got to be a pretty tight pinch.

 Attacking Tiff with a snowball.  Look at the form!
No wait, look at that form!
 Logan prefers the "I eat my snow by the fist-full" method
Tiffany's method hearkens back to the "if you lick soft enough you can get individual flakes" school.
No, fistful works best.

Happy end of February!


Chad and Carole said...

I'm not a grandparent but I sure enjoyed the pics, nonetheless!

Pamila R. Balls said...

That was so awesome. Thanks for bringing the kids home through the pics. Okay, so my goal is to keep up on these blogs at least hopefully once a week. How can I be too busy for this. It was great. Thank you so much. Love you.