Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Five years ago Tiffany and I got married.  Really it's been almost six years (at a bonfire on Tiffany's b-day)  that we've been nearly inseparable, if you neglect the past few months where I've been touring the midwest for work, but I digress.  Some couples might celebrate something like this with a trip somewhere like Europe or the Caribbean, but we opted for somewhere more exotic - Missouri.  We went to St. Louis where it was a little warmer, a little wetter, and they have great BBQ and an awesome Zoo.  As well, one perk of living in a hotel for the past few months is that we got upgraded to a suite (Kayla loved the two TVs and her pull-out bed).
Logan and I at Pappy's  - he was a natural.
And Kayla lover her Strawberry Fizz.

At the pool - Logan was a little fish and Kayla has almost gotten over her fear of the water.
At the science museum learning about physics and static structures hands-on...  it took her about 20 seconds to destroy the gateway arch.

They also had an animatronic T-Rex, but Kayla was somewhat afraid (read terrified) to get close.  She was however open to doing impressions.  I believe what you see above is her impression of a triceratops that just noticed the T-Rex around the corner, and below is her best T-Rex impression...
...which looks surprisingly like her Hippopotamus impression.

Checking out the elephants - there was a whole family, and Kayla (and Tiffany) thought it was awesome.  See lil' Stampy below

And this guy appears to be hatching a plan for escape.  Just biding his time...

Giving loves to his sleeps sister (I have no idea how she slept through his mauling)
Hitting the road on the way back to the car!

As I'm finishing this I'm realizing that I don't have any sappy pictures in this post.  Tiffany, I guess that will fall on you for the sequel!


Chad and Carole said...

Nice! We did the same thing for our 5 year! What a great idea.

Pamila R. Balls said...

That is adorble. Thanks so much for sharing. I am speechless. Mom

Pamila R. Balls said...

And by the way...I love the cute little feet.